Thursday, 16 February 2012

An introduction

Let me explain how I got myself into this predicament. Happily married for a year, but aware since I was a teenager that having kids may be a problem, we started down the fun fertility treatment path. Numerous tests, all manner of drugs and a course of IVF later, we got lucky. Very lucky. The scan showed two little heartbeats, and I was soon to become a mum to two gorgeous girls, G and T (no, not deliberately named in honour of my favourite drink, though just as inebriating). A perfect little family. But then I started to get clucky. Perhaps the lack of sleep drove me a bit mad... Anyhow, we started thinking of when to use our frozen embryos.
The girls have just turned one, so perhaps we'll give it another year... But why am I feeling so irritable? And  nauseated. I'll just do a pregnancy test to rule it out...
Nine months later, along came M, another little girl! So, there you have it, my three little miracles. Closer together than I ever imagined. In fact, had I by some incredible feat of will been able to start this blog a couple of months ago, it could have been entitled 'Three under 2'. So I intend this to be not a guide perhaps, but a window into the world of extreme parenting. I hope you pick up a few tips, or at least have a laugh. Or just feel grateful that it's not you!

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