Monday, 27 February 2012

Ode to joy

G&T - 26-and-a-half months  M - 4-and-a-half months

What do you get really excited about? Your team scoring the winning goal in added time? A fabulous new pair of shoes? Suddenly realising it's Wednesday and therefore a new episode of Masterchef? That last one might just be me. Anyway, this week, M experienced a joy and wonder far beyond anything any of us are capable of any more. She discovered her own feet. She's been in charge of her hands for months now, but until now, her feet had been a mystery. Then, this week, they caught her eye. Staring intently, she wiggled, kicked and finally made a grab for one of these little pink-clad wonders. The look of sheer delight that crossed her face as it dawned on her that these amazing devices were hers to control was fantastic. And a little sad. I will simply never experience such pure wonder myself again. I lost that ability thirty-odd years ago. But I guess that's the real joy of having kids. At least you have the vicarious thrill at each new discovery. And I've got a while before that runs out yet. Yesterday the twins were at a local playpark with their current favourites soft toys in tow. As soon as Charlie Chimp took his first trip down the slide, that was it. With jaguars and chimps flying through the air, the girls were hysterical with delight, laughing until they could barely move, not giving a single thought to who was watching or that we really needed to get some shopping in. And you know what, I started to feel that way too. Their joy was utterly infectious, and soon their dad and I were helpless too. Being a grown-up can be so boring sometimes. Once in a while, we should all launch a stuffed animal down a slide and just let go!

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