Friday, 5 April 2013

15 things I never thought I'd say...

... but then I became a mum!

What have these three creatures turned me into?

1) Stop licking your sister's knee

2) Can Mummy just pick that bogie out for you?

3) Don't stand/sit/roll/jump* on your sister. (*delete as applicable)

4) Yes, you're right, Goofy is really clever, isn't he?

5) No wine for me thanks.

6) You only throw balls, not Weebles.

7) Aw, Mama loves wooer chwubby bwubby belly.

8) Take your fingers out of your bum-bum.

9) Have you seen my nipple cream?

10) Wipe your nose on a tissue, not your sister's top.

11) The baby isn't a toy.

12) A poo-poo! Well done! You're right, it does look like a snake. What a clever girl!

13) No thank-you, Mummy has water. You drink your orange juice with bits of mince and bread floating in it.
14) Stop eating that crayon/stone/shoe/table* (delete as applicable)

15) Be careful. Be careful. Be careful. Be careful. Be careful.... (repeat until your tongue drops out...)

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